Volunteer Programme at Moons Moat
Last modified: 2020-08-23 11:14:58

Following delays due to the coronavirus lockdown we are now planning to start our Monthly Volunteer sessions at Moons Moat.

These sessions are being funded by grants from local RBC and WCC Councilors and the programme aims to get our supporters involved with ongoing maintenance and improvement tasks at the Moat.

So as well as regular maintenance and improvement activities such as :

We are hope that we will be able to implement planned activities from or Outreach plan which will include

These activities will be both on the site of the Moat itself and will develop access and support to natural habitats in the conservation area to the east of the Moat and Brook:

We anticipate that the Programme will entail voluntary activity, for a team which will not exceed 10 volunteers, for one day – or half-day – each month.

We have an experienced leader for this programme which will be conducted in close liaison with RBC officers. Times and dates are yet to be agreed.

Would you like to be involved in the Programme – and if so, in what capacity? Please contact us be emailing volunteer@moonsmoatconservation.info or calling 07887 692348 or 07860 326582

Derek Coombes

Chairman, MMCG

Please Vounteer and join us
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