New Documentation
Last modified: 2018-04-28 18:01:01

As one of the first activities to improve site documentation, this site which has be re-written and restructured to be more consistent, to show more information and to be easier to navigate. This site is under constant review so new content will continue to be added.

Our second project is to produce a tri-fold leaflet to publicise and promote the site. A draft copy of that leaflet can be download from the "About" page of this site.

We have also carried out an initial review of our Education material and made a few additions as well as making access easier. A more detailed review is scheduled for later in the project. Visit the "Education" page for more details.

Lastly we are preparing an introductory talk covering Moated House in general and Moons Moat specifically, Watch out for more details soon.

As part of the first steps in our Outreach Plan, we are reviewing and revising our documentation of the site.
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