Annual General Meeting 2019
Last modified: 2019-06-25 12:12:09

Date:  Tuesday 16th July 2019

Time: 6:30pm

Venue: Willow Trees Community Centre, 

Church Hill 

The Moons Moat Conservation Group was constituted and active from around 2001. It was particularly active between 2006 and 2012 using a Lottery Grant it had been awarded to pursue its aims, but then declined due to pressures associated with the economic climate at the time.

Over the past two or three years a core of Group members has been working to once again restore the Moat to pristine condition and develop it as a Community Amenity site.

Last year the Group made considerable progress, resulting in the approval by Historic England of a ten-year Management Plan for the site. Since then, in partnership with Redditch Borough Council, North Worcestershire Water Management and the Church Hill Big Local Partnership, the Group has actively, and successfully pursued the activities agreed in the plan. Additionally the Group has formed an Outreach Plan for the Moat and its immediate environs to widen knowledge of the site and add value for the local and wider community.

As core members, we believe that we have now reached the stage at which we need to formally re-constitute the Moons Moat Conservation Group in order to pursue funding opportunities and agreements with other groups to further develop our plans. We envisage a larger more organised Group which will be better able to embrace opportunities to enhance the site, to better engage with local residents, and to pursue group volunteer activities.

We have called an “Annual General Meeting” as a first step in this process, and have prepared a proposed new Constitution for the Group which reflects the current circumstances under which the group will operate.

We therefore give you notice of this meeting and sincerely hope that you will be willing to support and actively participate in the Group’s future activities and success.

Visit the Moons Moat Conservation Group " About Us" page for details.
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