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Moons Moat

Conservation Group

Site Investigation

Archaeological excavations have uncovered the foundations of a house, bridge and moat walls and the moat can still be seen very much as it was. Work continues to investigate and document the site.

Publicity & Public Awareness

Despite its importance as an historic site, the name Moons Moat is more widely known as an Industrial Estate in Redditch.  One of the key aims of the group is to change this perception and publicise the origin of the name and its history.

Activities In Progress

Site Preservation

Over the years the site has become overgrown, silted up and boundary fencing damaged. The group, with the assistance of the Redditch Borough Council is working hard to reverse this decline and restore the site as much as possible.

Site Development

As the documentation & restoration of the site progresses the group is embarking on a programme to improve the site as a tourist attraction for the area.